The "1000 Years of British Monarchy" Sterling Silver Ingots Collection by Wellings Mints LTD. 50 Ingots
For sale is this prestigious set of 50 Sterling silver ingots from 1973 each one is engraved with a profile of each monarch's head and a depiction of a famous scene from their reign. The reverse side of each ingot gives detailed information in raised lettering within an ornate border of each ruler, dates and famous event.
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CONDITION: very good original condition

Ingot Measurements: approx.
Length: 45mm
Width:  23mm
Depth:  6.5mm
Weight: 66 grams or 2.43 troy oz (each)

Hallmarks: Sterling 73

Original Wooden Presentation Case: excellent condition, lined with a brown velvet/ felt liner and a plastic cover insert highlighting each monarch in gold gilt lettering.