2015 $150 Blessing of Prosperity Gold Coin 99999
This coin represents good fortune, longevity, and wealth, which are regarded in Chinese culture as one of life's greatest benefits and a foundation for the ideal life. The Royal Canadian Mint offers this pure gold coin with a scalloped edge as part of its ongoing series honouring the cultural practices of Canada's Chinese community. It bestows onto its possessor a heartfelt wish for prosperity and success. The owner is blessed with success as a result of the Simon Ng design, created in Canada. One of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, the ox, is depicted in the image's centre. This animal has a long history of being employed in agriculture and for labor-intensive jobs, and its perseverance and diligence are seen to lead to success. It is also a spring symbol that denotes a plentiful harvest for the coming year, along with an accumulation of wealth. As it walks steadily through the terrain, this fortunate sign is a representation of power. Its belt of five coins is particularly appropriate because coins stand for money (and hence, success), and five is a lucky number that brings blessings for a balanced existence. The Chinese symbol to the left of the ox represents the blessing for an abundant new year.
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• Mintage: 888
• Diameter: 22.5 mm
• Fineness: 0.99999 pure gold