2015 Canadian 50 Cent Owl - 1/25 oz Pure Gold Coin
Bubo scandiacus is known for its gorgeous white plumage and blazing yellow eyes. A study in physical adaptation, it is one of the world's only diurnal owls, having evolved to thrive in the near-constant daylight of its Arctic breeding grounds. North America's heaviest owl (adults weigh nearly 2 kilograms), the snowy owl carries the extra weight of thick, insulating layers of down and white feathers (even on its feet) that give it warmth and camouflage in its Arctic home. Its ears and black bill are almost entirely hidden beneath feathers to help it maintain body heat in cold temperatures
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Like all owls, the snowy owl's eyes are fixed; it must swivel its head to shift its gaze. Its "binocular" vision allows the snowy owl to detect movement by even the smallest prey at great distances. Its eyes not only gather more light than human eyes, but have fields of vision that overlap to give it exceptional depth perception. The feathers around the sides of its head also help it to hunt by directing sound toward its ear drums.

The half-metre-tall snowy owl has few natural predators, except when it is young. It catches its prey in its claws by swooping down from the sky or from a perch. The snowy owl swallows its prey whole and later regurgitates indigestible fur and bones in pellet form. Its main food is the Arctic lemming, but it also feeds on mice, rats, hares, foxes, fish and small birds—which it can catch on the wing.

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