Gold Valcambi CombiBar 50 x 1 gram
The Valcambi mint in Switzerland produces a fine gold CombiBar consisting of 50 separate pieces, each weighing 1 gram. These individual pieces are made from high-quality gold and can be easily separated, while also forming a complete CombiBar. The Valcambi logo is inscribed on the front of each piece, representing its authenticity and simplicity. When the entire set is assembled, the mint's logo, as well as the weight and purity of the entire CombiBar, can be seen. On the reverse side of each piece, specific information about that particular piece is engraved. The advantage of the CombiBar is that you can always detach the 1-gram pieces in the future if desired, without needing to separate from the entire set. This allows for flexibility and convenience.
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Mint: Valcambi

Fineness: .9999

Total Weight: 50 grams

Packaging: Packaged in protective plastic with numbered assay card