Late Victorian European 18k Yellow Gold Necklace
An exquisite example of Victorian-era craftsmanship, rendered in sumptuous 18k yellow gold. This piece embodies the sophistication and ornate aesthetic that was prevalent during the Victorian period in Europe. It features an elegant and intricate design, with motifs that may be inspired by the natural world, a common theme in Victorian jewelry. This high karat weight signifies a purity in the gold that was often favored in fine European jewelry of the time, offering a warm, rich hue that would have been highly prized. Victorian jewelry often held sentimental or symbolic meaning, and a piece like this would have been a treasured item, possibly denoting status, sophistication, or an appreciation of the artistry of the time. The condition and craftsmanship suggest it was created by a skilled jeweler who paid meticulous attention to detail, as seen in the uniformity and precision of the links and the overall balance of the piece. As a statement accessory, this necklace would have been suitable for the high society events of the era, designed to catch the light and the eyes of onlookers. Today, it stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Victorian design and the timeless appeal of fine jewelry.
Title :

Weight: 62.1 grams (approx)

Length: 58" (approx)

Style: Vintage, Victorian, European, Double Strand (Can be worn single strand)

Gold Purity: 18K

Gold Color: Yellow Gold


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