Utah Goldback 1/1100 oz 24K Pure Gold Foil Note
The essence of the Utah Goldback foil notes lies in their composition of 1/1000 oz .999 fine Gold, marking the advent of the first local, voluntary currency composed of both a visually appealing artwork and tangible gold content. These Goldbacks offer an opportunity to invest in small increments of pure gold, serving as a valuable addition to your investment portfolio. The inception of the Goldback project traces back to the spirit ignited by the Utah Legal Tender Act of 2011, which acknowledged select gold varieties as legitimate currency within the state. Over time, advancements in technology have transformed the notion into reality, making it possible to mint gold into a practical form for everyday transactions.
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Utah Goldback 1/1000 oz 24K Pure Gold Aurum Gold Foil Note

This new and innovative way to own Gold allows you to diversify your wealth at an affordable price point. These unique notes include a precise amount of Gold between layers of durable polyester. In this form, Gold is more convenient, affordable, versatile and trustworthy than ever before.

Face: The virtue Prudence, featuring a Native American woman and a wolf.

Back: Blank

Not legal tender

Made in the United States