AGI Artisans Guild International Bast Bastet Egyptian Statue 1991
The sculpture depicts the enchanting figure of Bast, also known as Bastet, gracefully holding an ancient instrument called a sistrum. Bast, an esteemed deity in the ancient Egyptian pantheon, held a significant role in their religious beliefs since the early Second Dynasty around 2890 BC. Revered as the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt and the Nile River delta region, she played a crucial part in the cultural fabric of Ancient Egypt. Her name is alternatively spelled as Baast, Ubasti, and Baset, reflecting the varied linguistic interpretations of her divine presence.
Title :
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Maker: AGI (Artisans Guild International) 

Height: 10.7" (approx)

Weight: 516.2 grams (approx)

Made in USA (hand painted) 

Condition: Excellent pre-owned condition