Brass & Copper Pillow Purse with Velvet Lining
Discover a timeless treasure from the 1920-1930s – a captivating Brass & Copper Pillow Purse with a luxurious Velvet Lining. Crafted with meticulous artistry, this exquisite piece showcases the enduring beauty of copper and brass, adorned with intricate details that evoke an era of elegance. Measuring approximately 5" in width and 3.5" in height, its compact size adds to its allure. Despite its age, this purse remains in good condition, a testament to its enduring quality. Immerse yourself in the past and own a piece of history that transcends time. Refer to the provided photos to fully appreciate the charm of this vintage masterpiece.
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Year: 1920-1930s

Material: Copper, brass, velvet 

Width: 5" (approx)

Height: 3.5" (approx)

Condition: Good condition for its age. Please use photos as a reference