18K Gold Vintage Locomotive Train Pendant
18K Gold Vintage Locomotive Train Pendant. Boasting a purity of 18k, its detailed design captures the essence of a vintage locomotive, with dimensions measuring approximately 24mm in height (from the top of the smoke to the bottom of the wheels) and 13mm in width. Weighing approximately 9.32 grams, this pendant is a statement piece that seamlessly combines craftsmanship and sophistication. Add a touch of nostalgia and luxury to your collection with this unique and finely crafted locomotive train pendant.
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Type: Pendant/charm

Color: Yellow Gold and white gold 

Purity: 18k

Height: 24mm (approx) from top of smoke to bottom of wheels

Width: 13mm (approx) 

Weight: 9.32 grams (approx)


Very good condition. Please use photos as a reference.