French Vintage Necklace with Filigree Butterfly Motifs in 18k Rose Gold and Yellow Gold
Admire the beauty of this French Vintage Necklace adorned with delicate Filigree Butterfly Motifs, meticulously crafted in 18k Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. Originating from France in the early 1900s, this exquisite piece bears the hallmark of an owl, signifying its authenticity. With a length of approximately 18 inches and a weight of around 20.9 grams, it's a testament to both artistry and history. This necklace is in very good condition, and we encourage you to examine the photos for a closer look. Discover a piece of the past with timeless elegance
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Country: France

Hallmarks: Owl

Metal - Yellow Gold/Rose Gold
Purity- 18 Karat 

Year: Early 1900s

Length: 18" (approx)

Weight- 20.9 grams (approx)

Condition: Very good condition. Please use photos as a reference.