Vintage 18k Yellow Gold Bull and Matador Bullfighting Charms
Celebrate the art of bullfighting with our vintage 18k yellow gold bull and matador charms set. These finely crafted pendants, with the bull measuring approximately 15mm and the matador 22mm, are steeped in cultural richness and heritage. Cast in luxurious 18k yellow gold, both pieces are in very good condition, embodying the dramatic and traditional spirit of bullfighting. Available together for a complete set, or individually in other listings, these charms make a distinctive addition to any jewelry collection, evoking the timeless allure of this historic spectacle
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Type: Pendant/charm

Color: Yellow Gold

Purity: 18k

Length of Bull: 15mm (approx) 

Length of Matador: 22mm (approx) 


Very good condition. Please use photos as a reference. 

Can be solid individually as well (please view other listings)